The price for all massages is 50 euro.
The price of the massage doesn’t depend on the duration of the massage (the price for a massage is always 50 euro).

I give massage without time limit (real relaxation massage!).
Thus, before the massage I don’t know the duration of the massage exactly.
Usually a “full body massage” lasts between 2 and 3 hours (including intake and changing clothes).
Usually a “back, neck and shoulder massage” lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours (including intake and changing clothes).
Of course is it also possible to give the massage in a specified period of time if you wish. But the minimum is 1 hour.

In case of a massage at home, a massage in a hotel or in a holiday home or corporate massage:
20 euro extra costs + possible parking costs.

50 euro.
You can collect the gift voucher at my massage practice or I can send the gift voucher to you by post.

You pay for 3 massages and you receive 4 massages (4 massages: 150 euro).
In this case you receive 4 gift vouchers. You are also permitted to give this gift vouchers to someone else.

You pay for 3 gift vouchers and you receive 4 gift vouchers (4 gift vouchers: 150 euro).