About me

My name is Arend.
I’m a qualified massage therapist.

My main driver:
Helping people to feel happier, more harmonious and more relaxed with the help of massage.

Remarkably often people tell me I have magic hands.
For me giving massage isn’t work, but a hobby and a passion.
I give massages since 2015.

I happily give massages in my massage practice and I also give massages for various clients (city spas, saunas, etc.) with great pleasure.

3 year education Massage Therapist (educational institute Anand)

Education Wellness Masseur:
Sports Massage
Relaxation Massage
Classic Massage
Ayurvedic Massage

Education Yoga Massage and Chair Massage:
Thai Yoga Massage
Chair Massage

Education Massage en Energy Work (Energetic Masseur):
Reiki 1
Reiki 2
Reiki 3 (Reiki Master)
Holistic Pulsing
Chakra Energy Massage

Mindfulness Intensive (educational institute Schouten & Nelissen)

Intensive Massage (educational institute Dansage)

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage (instructor Carrie Rowell from Hawaii)

Various additional massage courses